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I enjoy reading that much, and I usually write down my thoughts to commemorate my reading experience. I’m not really a pro in writing “reviews” or in putting my thoughts in constructive writing but I’ll try my best to make these posts readable and/or bearable 🐻 (for my future ~)

The posts may be about my reads, “the golden reads”, some random rants, some gibberish thoughts, perhaps some games and movies here and there… but definitely “everything nice’. Ho~ho~ho~

I’ll post regularly but I can’t promise that often because laziness embraces me sometimes or just that I’m too engrossed with reading I can’t do anything else. (Sorry for the complex sentence) Yay!


WE’RE SO OVER… OR NOT (WE’RE SO OVER… OR NOT, # 1) by Goeun (Read: April, 2019)(Reread: June, 2020) What caught my attention first is the whole plot which I think is very interesting – cause I am a fan of transmigration and time travelling what-not ATM. Then, when I get to start reading this, […]


Two months ago, I’ve rediscovered my fascination with crochet. I’ve learned to crochet when I was in high school. I saw a dummy guide and read it. Boom! Now, I know the basics. I do crocheting on the sides to rest my mind and my eyes – constant exposure to radiation, working and reading related. […]

The Girl and the Geek

The Girl and the Geek by DAGAB & HURYUNHWA (Completed) (Read: June, 2020) If you’re looking for an SSSR or Smooth and Sweet Sailing Read, then I recommend to you this manhwa, “The Girl and The Geek”. The title says it all. It’s the girl meeting a geek or the geek meeting a girl yay […]

The Lady and Her Butler

The Lady and Her Butler by Jade (Completed) (Read: July, 2020) The art might be a bit different from the art I’m used to these days but it has its own charm. As I dive into it, I fell in love with it. I love how the story is a straightforward romance. A direct no-nonsense […]

The Private Prince

The Private Prince by Enjouji Maki (Completed) (Read: June, 2020) I read this when I was in the phase where a short read is much needed. I’ve been reading isekai manhwas previously, then I thought I need some rest with the romance, the intrigue and the pain of waiting for the next chapters. So here […]


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